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Wilson & Kim Orthodontics
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5 out of 5 stars


5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

Most fabulous and kind orthodontists and staff who do the most wonderful job. I am low income and they made it very easy and affordable. I love these people !

Vickyvarrios Barrios
Vickyvarrios Barrios

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Wilson & Kim Orthodontics is such a great place and I highly recommend going here. Everyone is super friendly and reassuring. There’s such a nice and positive environment that takes place in the office and I honestly couldn’t be more happy bringing my son here. Not once have I seen anyone in a bad mood. My son has such a beautiful smile, and it’s all thanks to them. There’s nothing that could buy the happiness that I feel seeing my son smile every time with his gorgeous smile. My son is always greeted with smiles all around the office and honestly, everyone in the office feels like family. It’s a great place, and I recommend it to everyone. 5/5. Amazing place.

lizbet martinez
lizbet martinez

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Tiffany is super awesome and very kind and she truly makes you feel like family. I had visited other orthodontic offices for a consult, but none compare to the level of care, empathy and kindness that I received at Wilson and Kim orthodontics. Dr. Kim is extraordinary and the best orthodontist that I have ever met. Dr. Kim is very knowledgeable and he goes out of his way to help his patients and provide the best treatment options. What I love the most about Dr. Kim is that he took the time to listen to all my health concerns and why I was hesitant to start orthodontic treatment and he made sure that I got all my questions answered before moving forward with my orthodontic treatment. I highly recommend Wilson and Kim orthodontics because they make you feel like family and both Dr. Kim and Dr. Wilson truly care about all their patients.

What Patients and Parents are Saying about Wilson & Kim Orthodontics…

Don L Wilson DDS MSD Novato CA 94945 Lizard Bill“Dr. Wilson, thank you so much for the careful and successful treatment plan for our daughter Lauren. We started with you when she quite young, as we were worried about her protruding front teeth and her soccer activities. Later, after Phase II began at the age of 12, you carefully monitored her erupting teeth and even pointed out some anomalies in her teeth development occurring earlier in the process. Lauren recently got her braces off..just in time for 8th grade graduation and all the festivities and to accompany her recently pierced ears. We are very pleased with how everything aligned. We do believe we have given her the foundation for a terrific and athletically “safe” smile along with the added self confidence that straightened teeth can provide. We appreciated your helpful comments about oral hygiene along the way and every changing, dynamic and fun office environment. My kids always considered your office a “destination” (especially our younger son) and now he eagerly awaits his own set of braces. We give you our very highest compliments and are very pleased to refer our friends to your practice.” 

Gail C.

“Both of my sons saw Dr. Don relatively close to the beginning of his time at the Novato office. My older son’s mouth was a true ‘piece of work.’ So much so, that Dr. Don was able to use what he did for him as a case study. Without extracting a single tooth, Dr. Don performed the miracle of transforming a very gawky kid into an extremely confident young man. He did this with not only his skills, but with the way he conducted himself with my son. Dr. Don was the perfect blend of funny and sensible, instilling good dental habits in both of my boys. I should add that Dr. Don was honest enough to admit that my younger son was just “not a good candidate for braces.” That said, he created retainers for him so that his teeth did not shift over time. We always looked forward to seeing everyone at the office and we truly miss checking in. Most of all, we are so thankful that Dr. Don created and maintained the confident, bright smiles of two pretty special young men in my life!”

Dana W.

Don L Wilson DDS MSD Novato CA 94945 Horse“As a military family, we’ve moved around a lot and have had experience with different orthodontists throughout the country. Dr. Wilson and his staff make you feel like a welcomed member of their family from day one. They are kind, thoughtful, gentle, and thoroughly professional. The office is bright, cheery, and exceptionally kid friendly. I wish all orthodontists and dentists had offices like Dr. Wilson’s. My children have always felt comfortable there and look forward to their appointments. Dr. Wilson and his incredible staff are always available to help. They really take the time get to know their patients. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks to Dr. Wilson, my children’s smiles have been transformed. I highly recommend Dr. Wilson for all orthodontic needs!”

Maite G.

“What an amazing experience from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave you feel like someone who is special. Dr. Don treated me as if I was his little sister and the staff was just amazing. For those who have a fear of the orthodontist, young and old, trust me you’ll walk out wishing you could become part of the friendly team that help to provide people with a lifetime of confidence with their beautiful smiles. Absolutely recommend.”

Kristen S.

“When I found out I needed to get braces, I shopped around. As soon as I met Dr. Wilson and his staff I knew this would be the perfect place. I had an excellent experience! The staff is the best! Everyone is very friendly, professional and detail oriented. The office and equipment they use are first class all the way. I really appreciated how well Dr. Wilson was at explaining everything to me in regards to my case. I have since had both my boys come in as patients and a good friend of mine has been in as well. You won’t find a better place than Wilson Ortho!”

Dale H.

Don L Wilson DDS MSD Novato CA 94945 Gecko“I chose Dr. Wilson for my adult orthodontic treatment after consulting with Orthodontists all over the Bay Area. I was referred to Dr. Wilson by the head of the dental department at San Francisco’s eminent University of the Pacific, School of Dentistry. I immediately felt that Dr. Wilson understood the complexity of my condition and had a plan that finally made sense to me. His confidence, intelligence, and sincere caring moved me to entrust him with my orthodontic care. I am in the last quarter of my treatment, and I am very happy with the treatment thus far. Dr. Wilson and his staff are professional, accommodating, and incredibly attentive. The office is immaculate and upbeat. I would highly recommend Dr. Wilson to both children and adults for orthodontic treatment.”

Andrea R.

“I’m very happy with the excellent service and attention of Dr. Don Wilson provides. I recommended him to a couple of friends. He is not kind of person that wants just profit, he also promotes a program for kids who can’t afford braces. Thanks for help our kids, because more that a beautiful smile you give them self -esteem and happiness for the rest of their life’s. for me is very important to support professionals that want to give back to our community.”

Alejandra D.

“I feel like a school kid eager to write a composition about my first experience with an orthodontist. Don added to my wealth this evening. Thank you Don for being you – for being a generous spirit and a beautiful soul. I enjoyed your hospitality, your professionalism, your ability to explain and educate. I sensed you as a true doctor – your caring and concern fueled by an intention to be an instrument of healing and enlightenment for better health. You and your staff and wonderful wife and tokens and mp3 players and shopping bag of goodies and most of all – the presence of a deeply good natured and generous professional – you Don – you and Charis and the amazing creation of your practice enriches me and all of Marin County. Thank you for the experience. P.S. I never thought I would so look forward to wearing a Tee shirt. I’d even wear a sandwich board to let people know how much I enjoyed my experience at Dr. Don’s.”


Don L Wilson DDS MSD Novato CA 94945 Flowers“Dr. Don and his team are this great combination of very current treatment with a wonderful warmth and sense of fun. My children, whether they’re patients or not, can’t wait to go. They’re thorough, professional and make the process fun for the kids. We’ve been thrilled with our experience.”

Signed: A mom who comes all the way from San Francisco

“If we had not seen Dr. Don for a second opinion Keelan would be, by now, in the 1st phase of a multi-phase, very expensive, treatment plan. All of which may not have been necessary. Dr. Don’s approach was of the least amount of intervention necessary to achieve the same outcome. I am so grateful for the time he spent explaining to myself and my son what his approach would achieve. His success lies not only in his professional expertise but also in his ability to communicate with both adults and children. The office staff is warm and welcoming. The waiting room is full of fun ways for kids and grown-ups to pass the time. All high-tech tools and equipment are in plain view and not mysterious or intimidating for children to see. Dr. Don and his very talented, design conscious wife, Charis, have thought of everything! I will continue to spread the word.”

Susan S.

“Dr. Don is treating my case, and I am a dentist, need I say more. Dr. Don blends excellent clinical skill with a warm and friendly environment.”

Dr. James Birrell

“Dr. Don and his staff have been incredible. Their office offers everything I was looking for in an orthodontist…educated doctor and staff, warm & friendly staff, comfortable office for my children, positive reinforcement for my children’s success with treatment and competitive prices. Seeing Dr. Don over the past 6 months has also proven his experience and service is impeccable. The entire staff…Dr. Don, Lori and Nycole, are genuinely excited to greet my twins each visit for their treatment and ask then how they are doing. The physical results have made an incredibly positive impact on their appearance, but more importantly their precious little self-esteem at 8 years old. Thank you to Dr. Don, Charis, Lori and Nycole for helping making that happen for my girls.”


Don L Wilson DDS MSD Novato CA 94945 Butterfly“My daughter and I visited 2 other orthodontists before choosing Dr. Don. We are truly impressed by his personal, gentle care and attention to his patients, and he carefully explains things each step of the treatment. It’s a pleasure to walk into Dr. Don’s office; the staff is kind, friendly and caring. Dr. Don makes my daughter feel very comfortable, there are no complaints when we have an appointment.”

Giovanna B.

“My daughter, Kelly, has been a patient of Dr. Don’s for three months and the difference in her teeth is amazing! I highly recommend anyone who is considering orthodontics (regardless of age) to meet Dr. Don and his staff. They are outstanding! It is too important a choice not to visit them first.”

Kyoko W.

“It’s one of the only places we go where my daughter begs to get there early and then when it comes time to leave, she tells me she’d like to stay all day.”


“I chose Dr. Don Wilson because I wanted cutting edge technology bundled with personalized service. Dr. Don and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. As an adult suffering from jaw pain, I needed help. I needed an Orthodontist who was willing to take the time to find the appropriate treatment for me. I also needed an Orthodontist who was willing to be directly involved with my ongoing treatment. Dr. Don Wilson is that person.”


Don L Wilson DDS MSD Novato CA 94945 Hummingbird“This is my first experience with orthodontics and it’s turning out to be great. Dr. Don’s office is a Nordstrom-like experience: from the advanced technology and equipment, experienced and professional team, super clean environment, and office décor that will make you want to redecorate your house. It’s so tasteful, not to mention that I am made to feel like a queen every time I walk into their office! I am greeted with warm smiles and genuineness as Dr. Don and his staff takes time to find out how I’ve been doing with my braces.”

Wendy O.

“As a 2nd opinion, Dr. Don became my 1st choice.”

Maia R.

“My mom and I drive 500 miles to see Dr. Don. He’s the best.” 


“Everything and everyone is so pleasant; it’s such a pleasure to go to the office.”

Bruce H.

Don L Wilson DDS MSD Novato CA 94945 Turtle“The whole Team at Dr. Don’s is really great. Everyone is so upbeat & friendly and of course incredibly professional. Scheduling appointments is easy & efficient, with reminder calls. The orthodontic work is outstanding; Dr. Don is an excellent practitioner. Nycole is great, they explain everything they are doing with your teeth, which helps you understand how your teeth are shifting & how close you are to your time frame of getting them off It is a great positive vibe to come into the office. I love the tooth tokens (can’t wait to see what I am going to get) & I love Dr. Don’s corny jokes. Thanks Team for making this experience fun and pretty much pain free.”

Carmelita R.

“The staff are the coolest people ever!”


“I call Dr. Don the ‘carnival man’ because he is so nice and fun and smiley. Plus, you can earn prizes! He’s GREAT!”

Georgia D.

“Dr. Don’s office is very warm, inviting, and caters to kids! They are also very professional and do a fabulous job. In fact, I have told many friends about the quality and the service my son Tony has received. They are the best!”


Don L Wilson DDS MSD Novato CA 94945 Rabbit“Dr. Don and his team are more like a family than a dentist’s office. Dr. Don is a consummate professional with an upbeat personality and an affable style. He and Nycole explain all procedures thoroughly and make me feel like I am a participant, not a patient. They call me between appointments to ask how I am. The offices are completely modern with the latest high tech equipment. I even get to choose my own DVD, and, earn valuable tokens for following the Doctor’s orders. Going to the orthodontist is fun!”


“I am pleased with the service we’ve received at Dr. Wilson’s since the beginning of my children’s treatment. Dr. Wilson is very personable and friendly. During the initial consult, he thoroughly explained the problem with my children’s teeth in a way I could understand and the process he recommends. I was most relieved when they were willing to help us find a payment scheme that works with our budget. This was one of the factors that helped us decide where to take our kids for their braces. The dental staff are very friendly and makes my kids feel relaxed and at ease and are all easy to talk to. My kids love the tooth tokens! Their waiting area really takes client’s needs into consideration — movies and video games for the kids to watch/play with and coffee…”

Teena M.